Security Sales and Integration June 2015 : Starlink Tip 1

2G SUNSET LOOMS. FOUND: YOUR IDEAL RADIO SOLUTION 50 Ways We’re Saying Thanks for Making Universal StarLink Today’s Fastest-Growing Radio Brand Now Also Don’t Leave Your Accounts Off the Hook, When There’s a Universal $50 Cellular Solution Under 50 , with $ 50 Back $ NET Here’s How it Works -Upgrade ANY Radio on ANY Panel: 1. For $99.95 MSP*, Buy a StarLink Verizon-Network Certifi ed CDMA or 3/4G GSM Radio on AT&T 2. Register & activate it online 3. Send us the 2G SIM Card from the Old Alarm Radio plus the StarLink Upgrade Form Online 4. We’ll Credit Your Account $50 That’s $ 99.95 -$ 50 = $ 49.95 On Unlimited Radios (See Upgrade Offer Form & Details On Back) PEEL OFF

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