Security Sales and Integration December 2015 : CoverTip 1

NEWS: 2G NETWORK SUNSET/SHUTDOWN ALREADY HAPPENING IN PARTS OF THE COUNTRY! CDMA SLE-CDMA-FIRE CERTIFIED Merchantile Fire (Metal) SLE-GSM-FIRE SLE-CDMA While the 2G sunsets, SLE-GSM-3/4G Look to the StarLinks Merchantile Intrusion (Metal) As Low as $30 NET Napco's Universal Radio Solution to Protect Your Accounts Get $70 Back When You Tradeup to StarLink™ Alarm Communicators, from $29.95 NET 2G & Landlines are going away. Use Reliable StarLink Commercial Fire or Intrusion Universal Radios, on Any Panel, Anywhere for Primary or Backup Reporting to Any Central Station — AT&T™ GSM 3/4G or Verizon Network Certifi ed™ CDMA models See Full StarLink Fire & Intrusion Line in 3/4G GSM & CDMA & Tradeup Details on back


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